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Submitted By spongejax on 11/02/04
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OMG I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!! maybe i can post a link of a new youtube channel my friend and i made......... hmmmm............ check it out below and watch our first video! if you want to see me (for all u creeperz....) i am not in our videobut if you scroll down to friends and click chongo416 then watch either mix madness or mix madness 2 i am the weirdo walking in the background. OH! an in mix madness 2 i am the kid at the end that does the windmill with my arms when kesha comes on. i hope you guys are used to me writing a bunch of useless crap on here, but dont be a hater!!!!! heres the link: 
PS both of the people are my friends but the one on the right owns the channel with me
pss my name is jackson.
DONT CALL ME JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: OMG!!!!!!
2 days - 6,410v
Posted 2011/02/05 - 4:33 GMT
Random much.
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Re: OMG!!!!!!
4 days - 12,819v
Posted 2011/02/06 - 16:16 GMT
Pretty cool, JACK.............son.
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Re: OMG!!!!!!
2 hours - 92v
Posted 2011/02/18 - 0:30 GMT
super rubber band

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