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Submitted By Ren467 on 11/02/06
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Well hey everyone.  Well if you haven't noticed I haven't been on lately.  Well that's because I just got in trouble for having a Skype with my parents.  I'm sorry guys but I can't play mars, I cannot do Skype. Maybe every once in awhile... but anyways this is my formal goodbye... I'll still pst stuff....
Love Nicole

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Re: Unfortunate
4 days - 12,819v
Posted 2011/02/22 - 0:48 GMT
Wits the deal with skype? Plz pm me.
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Re: Unfortunate
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2011/12/26 - 1:34 GMT
Uh, sorry about that. That comment was one of my first comments ever.
Anyways, how can your parents ban you from mars?

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