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Submitted By spongejax on 15/02/18
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Since there hasn't been any posts this year (or the year before that...) I thought I'd break the silence streak ;) Love you guys hope you're all doing well! 

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Posted 2015/04/18 - 0:00 GMT
Are there any mods here still? :o I think they're all gone!! YAY NO MODS WE'RE FREE WE CAN POST ANYTHING!!
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Posted 2015/04/18 - 0:04 GMT
LOL the Falck, Andy spammer made the last comment(s) on tthe Last Comment Wins thread so HE WON LOLOL and nobody can post on it xD
Edit: Nevermind I posted a comment so I WON so you need to figure out how to post a comment around the spam HEHE try to figure it out!

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