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The original video :D
Submitted By THEpancakes on 12/07/24
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Posted 2012/07/24 - 19:27 GMT
I don't think that many people know the actual origin of the Trololo song...
The man who sung it (Eduard Khill) was a singer appearing on a Russian song contest, during the days of the USSR. The song was originally intended to have words, it was a song about the beauty of American prairies... Only, of course, the judges of the RUSSIAN song contest couldn't approve that, and so Eduard Khill had to sing his song without words, and that's how it became the Trololo song! :D
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Posted 2012/07/25 - 23:57 GMT
And he wasn't actually singing "Trololo" people, he was singing "tralala", Eastern European for "lalala".
So sad he died...
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Posted 2012/07/26 - 16:50 GMT
That's how I am when I get a colonascopy. Bu dum *ching*

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