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Im proposin an idear....
Submitted By spongejax on 11/05/08
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OK....... so.....
as many of you know we can't all get on as much as we have liked to. i've gotten pretty darn sick every other week so my brain is sort out of wack "as if it weren't already...." but I always seem to come back on at the wrong time. New people arrive, new versions of mars show up..... so on and so forth. So i propose that at least once every week someone post a comment giving the weekly update, introduce themselves, etc. It would be great if this could work out every week, and if newcomers were sent to this page to introduce themselves. I know that this will help people and help others get to know eachother better too. After you read this, may you PLEASE pass this on to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. 
Thank you
On behalf of the humorously american community, spongejax

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Re: Update Post
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Posted 2011/05/08 - 16:39 GMT
No. If we direct newcomers here, then this will become like the mars forum and be full of junk and spam, and moderators might become necessary. (the mod part is worst-i-can-think-of-case scenario).
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Re: Update Post
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Posted 2011/05/08 - 17:16 GMT
Although this would be nice, I kinda have to agree with Yoshi on this one.  Building on what he said, mods would NOT be a good idea, considering on the Mars forum it leads to more spam because noobs post on how mean and horrible the mods are.  
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Re: Update Post
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Posted 2011/05/09 - 4:29 GMT
sorry, i guess you took my post the wrong way (i get a little un focused when sick...) but what i meant was that we get newcomers on this website every so often, so when they show up it would be nice for us and them if they sort of explained themselves. I am in no way meaning to pass this on to others who don't know about the site, i meant pass it on to others who consistently post and comment on articles on this site. Trust me, i would HATE to see this turn into something like the mars forum.

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